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Fall 2009
A Note From ArtStamps

Greetings! I hope your children and students have easily transitioned back into their school routines and are now fully immersed in their studies, friendships and afterschool activities!  To let your children know you're thinking of them or to offer any needed encouragement, try including a handwritten note in their lunch boxes or backpacks.  A personal message from a parent or guardian can give your child the extra boost that they just might need!

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Attention Coordinators:
Place your orders by November 20th to receive products in time for the holidays (December 11th delivery).
Check out the winners of our September Collectibles stamp designs. 

The Great Outdoors

jessica 10/09
Jessica S.
Bellmore, NY

Aaron 10/09

Aaron N.
Thousand Oaks, CA
Nicole 10/09
Nicole F.
Corapolos, PA


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What's New ...

Fundraiser Feedback from Brooklyn Art Teacher

An interview  with Ellen Goldberg, former lead art teacher at Beginning with Children Charter School Middle School in Brooklyn.

Why did you choose ArtStamps as your fundraiser?

The school's guidance counselor and I chose ArtStamps as our fundraiser because I had the chance to try ArtStamps before on a substitute assignment in the BWCCS Lower School.  I thought our talented middle school students would grasp the significance of having their artwork reproduced as an actual stamp and many other products.  We worked with a holiday theme since December was coming up.

Please explain your students' experiences in creating their own stamps.
My students quickly grasped the importance of having their original work produced as a stamp that would be sent on letters and saved in collections around the US and the world.  This seemed to excite them and some students wanted to work on more than one design.  Some students were naturally shy and produced extraordinary designs but did not want them published.

How did each child go about choosing his/her design?
Following the winter/holiday theme, we worked from vintage postcards, winter landscapes, and organic objects.  I also showed my students images of actual winter holiday stamps from the Philatelic Catalogue and my own teacher sample.  I also supplied them with holiday greetings in many different languages. Many students followed the Christmas theme replete with glistening stars, colorful trees, and even a mouse with designs on Santa's midnight snack, while others chose to work from the winter landscapes.

Overall, was the fundraiser a success?
Twenty percent of the funds raised on the sale of the ArtStamps went to the school and we continued to get profits from any purchases of our designs through the ArtStamps Web site. I purchased many of them myself and continue to order them online and show them to friends, colleagues and family.  If the designs are not purchased initially, you still have all of the students designs for an exhibit and the chance to run the program again next year.

New Products

Envelope Seals
Add a final touch to invitations, letters or any written correspondence with envelope seals made with your child's artwork!  
160 Seals (2 sheets of 80) $20

Three Simple Things ...

Volunteers: The Lifeblood of Fundraising

Volunteers are one of the keys to all successful fundraisers.  Here are some tips for gathering and organizing your helpers:

1) Recruit Early-  Let your school or group community know ahead of time and often that you're looking for volunteers to help meet the fundraising goals.

2) Recruit Many-  Gather more people than you think you'll need.  No one will be over burdened and you'll have people ready to pick up the slack if others can't meet their obligations or deadlines.

3) Roles-  Create specific roles for each of your volunteers based on their skills and availability.  Communicate what each person needs to do and when to keep your fundraiser on track.
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