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Holiday 2010

To celebrate the holiday season, this issue's theme is "Giving Back". Social citizenship is an important part of ArtStamps' mission and we get excited when we learn how others are doing generous things for their communities and others. For example, read on to learn about an art teacher in Ohio who does an art project through ArtStamps to raise funds for their local animal shelter!

Happy holidays and best wishes for prosperous fundraising in 2011!

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Students Helping Animals:
Art with H.E.A.R.T.S.

An interview with: Mary Mantz, Art Teacher at Timmons Elementary School in Chagrin Falls, OH

How did your animal shelter charity project come about?

Art with H.E.A.R.T.S. (Helping Each Animal Rescued Through Shelters) began in 2005. Our students started making portraits of animals which we turned into notecards that we sold. The expense of printing the notecards was so great, that we didn't raise a lot of money for our charity, the Geauga County Dog Shelter & Warden's Office. Since 2009 we've created our notecards plus other keepsake items through ArtStamps instead.

How do your students participate and what's their reaction to the project?

Right now only third graders participate in this project. They love drawing portraits of dogs and cats and are excited to turn their art into a fundraiser. We also hope it generates adoptions for the Shelter.

Why did you choose ArtStamps?
The ArtStamps process is great and very teacher-friendly. Students and parents have purchased a full range of ArtStamps products imprinted with the animal portraits, so we've been able to raise a lot more money for the Shelter.

What kind of results have you achieved?
This year we raised nearly $700. We will be reminding parents that they can continue to order from the ArtStamps Web site all year so we can raise more money for the animals.
The best result of this project is to see how kind the children are, how much they love animals and their genuine desire to help. We hope this project teaches them to respect and take of animals who, like people, need shelter and food especially in these difficult times.

Thanks for "Giving Back to the Gulf"

You recently helped ArtStamps donate money to the National
Wildlife Federation, just by voting for your favorite stamp desig
in our online Gallery. The funds were donated to assist the ongoing efforts to clean up the animals and their environment in the Gulf.

We also found out about this amazing 11 year old artist and activist, Olivia, who's using her drawings to support the Audubon Society's work in the Gulf. Disney's Friends for Change web site featured Olivia and other kids who doing cool things to help the planet.

Is your school or group doing anything to help a local or national cause? Who do you give back to during the holiday season or anytime throughout the year? Post your projects and ideas on our Facebook Discussion page! We want to know!
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