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Summer 2009
A Note From ArtStamps

Welcome to the first issue of "Creative Connections", a newsletter from ArtStamps that will offer you tips and ideas on fundraising and creativity as well as news about our products and services.

We hope our information will help you in your efforts as a parent, teacher, fundraising coordinator or all of the above! Thanks for reading and please drop me a note at gcastineiras@ArtStamps.com with your valuable feedback.


George Castineiras,
ArtStamps CEO and President
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What's New ...

Simplify Your Next Fundraiser with Easy Reconciliation

Tired of compiling numbers and forms to reconcile your fundraisers?  With ArtStamps' new Easy Reconciliation function, there's no tally or calculating required!

Simply use our online form to reconcile and submit your stamp and merchandise orders. Pay online by credit card or send us a check when you ship us your finished ArtForms. It's that easy!

Our ArtStamps customer service reps are always on hand at 877-4 A STAMP to assist you with your reconciliation process.

New Products

Custom Notepads 
Show off your child's art on one of our 50 page notepads in classic white (lined or unlined)
. Lined version features a large watermark of the artists' image and the unlined does not.

Set of 2  - $25      Set of 4 - $45    

Three Simple Ideas ...

Tips for Increasing Fundraiser Participation

Schools and groups greatly depend on money generated from their fundraisers. Active and enthusiastic participation from parents and students is a key component to fundraising success. Here are three easy ways to bump up participation in your next fundraiser:

Constant Communication - The more informed families are, the easier it will be to get them involved in the fundraising efforts. Begin by telling them what the fundraiser goals are and how the students will benefit. Continue to update parents on progress and key deadline dates via email, fliers and  the school's Web site.

2) Get the Students Excited - When kids have an active, exciting role in the fundraiser, they'll be its best cheerleaders. Both students and parents will be thrilled with a fundraiser that offers tangible benefits for the kids and is more than just an exercise in selling!

3) Offer Incentives - Kids love prizes! Whether it's a homework pass or a certificate or a gift card to the local toy store, kids enjoy being recognized for their accomplishments. Offer individual and team or class incentives to motivate them throughout your fundraiser.
What Parents Are Saying...

"I absolutely love ArtStamps! My daughter had fun creating her own stamp and giving them to family members as gifts. I collect stamps so it was really cool to put her stamp in my collection!"

Paulette and Jolie Hester
JD Parker Elementary
, Stuart, FL

"My son really enjoyed creating his own stamp that
we could mail to others. It boosted his creativity and encouraged his art abilities. Great Job!"
Jenny & Teddy Ross,
St. Louise de Marillac, Pittsburgh, PA