Created by President and CEO George Castineiras in 2005, ArtStamps offers personalized products utilizing children's artwork or photos that can be used as gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or any loved one -and through your child's school as a fundraiser that earns profits all year long.

Personalized Products

Bring your child's imagination to life! Have your child's artwork printed on over 500 different and unique items such as Real U.S. Postage, stationary or even a Rubik's cube! Visit our personalized products page for more information or start creating now!

FUNdraisers that earn profits all year long!

ArtStamps offers a unique patent-pending fundraising opportunity that benefits schools and organizations across America all year long. Our fundraisers allow children to design their very own official U.S. postage, stationery, and other memorable merchandise utilizing their artwork and imagination!

Art-based fundraisers encourage creativity while raising much-needed funds for schools and organizations. ArtStamps puts the fun back into fundraising through a process that's enjoyable for kids and easy for parents, schools and groups to implement.

Visit our Fundraising Page to learn more and sign up for this unique fundraising opportunity.

Our Award Programs

ArtStamps was founded on the idea that the creative arts are an absolute building block to academic advancement for children. Artistic expression supports self-identity and early stage communication, and we want to reward children's artistic abilities and help boost their self-esteem. For that reason, we have designed a variety of award programs that will support and encourage the Artist of Tomorrow.

Please browse through our Top Artist of the Month gallery and vote for your favorite artist. Enjoy!

Our Philanthropic Mission

Artstamps give back! We highlight a new non-profit organization every month. The featured company receives a 25% donation for each and every item purchased. Learn more here.

Meet the Team

George Castineiras, CEO
Master of the pallet

JoAnn Ippolito, COO
Organizes all of the paint, crayons, and markers

Kenya D'Agustino, CMO
Empowers the message, but cannot draw for beans

Louisa Hogan, SFA
The most accurate with the calculator

Michelle McCants, CSR
Erases all of the mistakes

Kelly Robotham, CSR
Cleans up all of the spills

A special message from the President of ArtStamps