ArtStamps Original

This program is a creative and fun way to raise funds for your organization all year long!

Children’s original artwork (or photos) can be transformed into real U.S. postage, stationary and on other unique merchandise. Family members and friends can purchase items for every holiday or special occasion and your organization will earn money each and every time. It’s a great way to continually raise funds and boost a child’s self-esteem at the same time!

In addition, your school (or group) will automatically earn a profit of 20% from every purchase made from your personalized school gallery on

Here's how it works:

Step 1
Order Materials
Register online here. Let ArtStamps know the number of artists participating and we’ll provide you with ArtForms® and fundraising information to make it a success! Note: You will receive your package in the mail within 5 business days.

Step 2
Create Artwork
Children can begin to create their masterpiece on the ArtForm® using any medium (crayons, paint, markers, etc.) Note: If the child would like to use old artwork or a family photo, it must be securely tapped to fit inside of the designated box on the Artform.

Step 3
Take Orders
Children take their ArtForm® home to family and friends so they can order a special, personalized product. Parents then fill out the order forms and return them to your school/group with payment.

Step 4
Send Materials and Payment to ArtStamps
As the coordinator, you will send all of the ArtForms®, orders and payment to ArtStamps. If you are tired of compiling numbers and computing calculations to reconcile your fundraiser then use our easy online reconciliation form and ArtStamps will do it for you!

All orders are then pre-sorted and shipped free of charge to your school/group in three weeks.

Step 5
Reorder Year Round
Parents and supporters can reorder online and ArtStamps will notify the parents directly (via email) when then artwork is live on The email will provide a link to the school’s gallery so parents can browse over 500 products to customize and purchase additional items. There is something for everyone. There is even the option to download FREE wallpaper for a computer or phone.

In addition, email promotions are sent to parents to encourage them to purchase customized products for holidays and special occasions. This is a gift that keeps on giving to your school/ group all year long!