Service Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee & Replacement Policy

ArtStamps provides custom stamps, stationery and other merchandise using artwork, photos or digital images to support creativity, literacy and education. Each item ordered is custom produced one at a time. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied, we will replace the item(s) free of charge subject to the following conditions:

  1. If you receive an item that has the wrong piece of artwork (different than the one you ordered), is the wrong size, broken or defective, or the personalization section differs from what you originally provided, ArtStamps will replace the item free of charge if notified within thirty (30) days after receipt. Email us at and include the following information: order number if available (from the packing slip), your name and mailing address, and why you want the product replaced. Please do not return the product unless we request you to do so.

    Although we take utmost care to achieve the best reproduction quality on all our merchandise, sometimes the artwork that is submitted to us may be of poor image quality (i.e. low resolution, light color pencils or poor lighting) and may not reproduce well. So before you order, please check the artwork, photos and digit images on the web site. We cannot accept return of merchandise that is a faithful reproduction of the image. However, if you feel that the reproduction quality is poorer than the image on the physical ArtForm or web site, please return the item(s) to ArtStamps at the address below and we will replace the item as soon as possible but no later than four (4) weeks.

    270 Farmington Ave, Suite 229
    Farmington, CT 06032
  2. Please make sure the artwork in your order is in fact created by the artist(s) you want. ArtStamps cannot accept returns if someone orders items with a piece of artwork from the wrong child/artist.
  3. Please make sure the personalization section is clear. We allow you to customize most of the products with a title, name and/or age. Only these characters (up to 17) will appear on the product and no other information. Please read the product descriptions carefully from each product since some products might not offer personalization or customized artwork.
  4. Please ensure you have ordered the correct size for all apparel prior to finalizing your order. ArtStamps cannot accept returns or exchanges of any apparel due to incorrect sizing. Call us at 877-4-A STAMP if you have any questions during the order process regarding any apparel sizes.
  5. If you have not received your order within 30 days after submitting your order, please contact us directly at 877-4-A STAMP. If your order was placed through an organization, scohol or group, please contact your coordinator directly. The submission of an organization's order might occur weeks after you handed in your order. It is important to find out when the bulk order was submitted prior to reaching out to us.